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Sportsmen's National Land Trust

lookinlookin Posts: 1,377 Officer
Was thinking of getting this license plate for the truck. Of course, there is a donation to this org. Their goals/mission sound good:

"The goals of The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust (included in our bylaws) are to:

→ Preserve open space and wildlife habitat
→ Provide sportsmen with permanent access for hunting and fishing
→ Promote a conservation ethic and wise use of natural resources
→ Improve wildlife habitat through cooperation with other conservation organizations

The land held by The Sportsmen's National Land Trust will be one place that children and families can experience and enjoy the outdoors forever. This land will be guaranteed to remain as open space for public enjoyment and specifically permitting hunting and fishing and hiking.

Many prime pieces of land have already been made un-available to the sportsman, but it’s not too late to keep the outdoor tradition alive. Join us in taking an active role in preserving the sporting tradition for future generations.
Become a Member of The Sportsmen's National Land Trust and help in this important cause!"


I was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on the org - good, bad, or indifferent.
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  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    join one of the many local outdoor clubs here in Florida...you've got a lot more people who fight for your access in FLorida then this crew will ever have.
  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,290 Admiral
    I've actually spoken with the head of this organization. He's an attorney out of Bradenton/Sarasota. Nice guy. They basically get $20 per license plate towards a fund they use to purchase lands for hunting in FL. At present, they have raised just over a $1 million and are in the process of doing a deal for a good parcel of land which they will turn over to FWC as part of the WMA system. I have one of their tags...mostly because it has the deer on it and I wanted it. But I did check them out prior to buying the tag. They're on the level. I also verified the information he gave me with FWC and the state tagging office.
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  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    as an FYI, the people of Florida own millions of acres of land which have no access.I'd feel better about groups like these if they used their funds to get those lands opened for us.

    I've never felt good about non profit organizations who ask for money, when I see their people out to lunch with the corporate credit card.....I know,I used to be treated very nicely by some of these organizations. Private duck hunts,comped sporting clay shoots,private cabins to stay in.....all out of the bottom line.
  • lookinlookin Posts: 1,377 Officer
    Good to know, Chuck. It is a nice lookin plate.

    Benelli - I hear you loud and clear on the non-profits. Look at all those that have popped up recently...dot.org this and dot.org that... and many have money to advertise on TV. It's one of the few business models still profitable in this country I figure...not getting taxed to death.

    That said, I'm not oblivious to the spending that gets written off as ordinary business expense with these firms. Heck, it's the same in most Corp's that are profitable...and even some that aren't, but many times that's often by design...pay it to Uncle Sam (wasteful Washington) or buy a new truck, go on a lavish business trip (hunt, fish), etc.

    I also hear you on the access thing. Very limited access for hunting, or even just driving into, considering the acreage that is public land. I have seen new regulations pop up on some WMA's that you can only access through a certain gate. Their might be roads that border the WMA that would allow easy access to certain sections and many of those sections can be darn near impossible to access otherwise. It's frustrating. The people can't be trusted. Freedoms and access dwindle.

    Off soap box. lol

    BTW, what local outdoor clubs do you like that further the cause? Not so I can criticize, just curious who we should be supporting in this regard. I understand a lot of guys here like to support UWF...and from what I've read, rightfully so.
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  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,290 Admiral
    Binelli, this group has a clean accounting of their monies and they are not like some of these non-profit palm greasers you speak of. They are legitimate hunters who want to get more lands opened to public access buy purchasing them for FWC control.

    As for who is fighting for access, right now there's UWF and few others. Florida Airboaters Association, Florida Sportsmen Conservation Association, Future of Hunting in Florida, United Hunters of Florida and some others are working on smaller and more localized access issues. But no one works on access state wide for all hunters and sportsmen like UWF does.
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  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    I am extremely deeply involved with a lot of issues going on in Florida as you well know.

    The FAA has direct connections with just about every sportsmans groups in Florida,even the other duck hunting website you speak of.
    We also have a State lobbyist who is paid directly to work on issues which pertain to access for ALL hunters/recreational users,not just airboaters. We retain the services of lawyers to take care of legal matters as well.

    All the groups have a purpose,and most have a region which they look over and report what's going on. THerefore, I am a bit biased towards the FAA as I have seen how we ALL work together to accomplish and protect the areas we all enjoy.

    The ECC are the true pioneers down South,and they hold meetings anyone can attend.

    Were holding a Unity weekend to recognize the people who have made a diff this year in the community,everyone is invited.

  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,290 Admiral
    Okay Rich, I'm not arguing any of those points except the lobbyist. Bonnie does not represent all sportsmen nor does she argue on behalf of all of us when representing the FAA. She has repeatedly spoken out on issues where the majority of sportsmen would not agree with her. Alligator hunting changes for this year are just one example where she opposed what hunters and FWC were both in favor of passing.

    You and I both know we could both get more done alone than either of our parent organizations would ever accomplish without us. But it is nice to have a home and the support of a parent group from which to draw legitimacy and recognition from time to time. Keep up the good work bro. Let me know if I can help you with anythng in the future.
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