Where to get/buy pork and beef fat ... Port Charlotte area

RexLanRexLan Posts: 868 Officer
I've tried Publix and Wynn Dixie. Publix told me $2.29/lb for it ... insane.
Sam's a flat NO
Wynn Dixie ... NO

We have one "sort of" Italian place that makes sausage but mostly imports. No meat/butcher that I know of.

Where are you folks getting it?
Port Charlotte, Florida


  • Capt'n. ChumbucketCapt'n. Chumbucket Posts: 1,366 Officer
    You got to have more than one Publix or W-D in your area. Also try SweetBay. I can get it here at W-D and SweetBay but that's too far of a drive for you. While your driving around over there, looking for sausage stuffer parts, be on the lookout for Mom&Pop butcher shops. And, what are you doing home already??
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  • RexLanRexLan Posts: 868 Officer
    I'm still in Virginia ... getting my ducks lined up. I am on the hunt for deer meat and have 6 sausages I want to make ... reason I need the fat. I have one party with meat so far and we are getting together when I get back.

    I'm looking for some Mullet too.

    I need about 50# of pork trim and 50# of beef fat.

    Got my new smoker on the way, a new AMPS tray and all of my stuffer parts made ... I need to lose 40# so I can make room for more sausage!

    Had not tried Sweet-Bay. Tried two Publix and 2 WD's though. I'd like to find a couple of farmers who kill beef and pigs ... I make pretty good bacon too if I can get the bellies. If the farmers would give me some beef I'd do some good sticks and jerky out of it.

    Back home early August.
    Port Charlotte, Florida
  • Capt'n. ChumbucketCapt'n. Chumbucket Posts: 1,366 Officer
    let me know how you make out. I may be able to bring it with me if I get it here. I'll check on the bellies for you too.

    Thinking about it... I don't know if a single grocery will sell you 100#'s of fat. You may have to go to mutiple stores muliple times and freeze until you get enough. I've never bought more than 6 or 7 lbs. at a time.
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