I have a 1999 Striper seaswirl that has a sub-cabin and is 19 feet so i can get into water around 2-3 feet but i really prefer 3-4 as being the shallowest.i went to span c of the causeway and did not catch anything but a leatherjack.... and i went to picnic island on the side you see when coming from rumrunners or the river if you follow that channel, the tripods and a few other places and only seemed to get about 1 and a half dozen greenbacks and maybe a dozen pins... this took a long time even considering the fact i tried chumming for larger pins in some areas around 5-6 feet deep and didnt get anything and even on the side of picnic island i was talking about... any where abouts of the bait or anything i could do to do better or new places to go? any techniques or things i could improve? i have a 8 foot 3/8 mesh west coast cast net but i will on monday be getting a new one and im thinking a 8,9,or 10 foot 1/4 inch cast net. which one do you guys think?


  • VeikxVeikx Posts: 611 Officer
    It depends on where you want to catch your bait. Around the bridges i throw a 12ft caloosa 1/2" since it will sink a lot faster in the deeper water. On my flats boat id use a 10' 3/8" for the grass flats. The thing is, the bait isn't always there, i had a friend out today and tried everywhere. Couldn't stir anything up in the net, debby tossed things up in my opinion.
    Have a net for ever scenario possible!

    Just my .02!
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  • natecertnatecert Posts: 231 Deckhand
    VIELCX is on with the nets. If you want pins, try a pinfish trap a, 4 hour soak in good water will be enough. Not good on a short fishing day thou.
  • AaronMurnaneAaronMurnane Posts: 161 Deckhand
    could you leave a few traps on a flat for a day or two
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