Short PM trip - solo - Boynton - 6/7

It's been at least a week since I've fished so I really wanted to go out today although the wind was picking up. Cleared the inlet about 1PM and it was definitely a bit bumpy. The white caps were everywhere but not too bad. I zigzagged north between 50' and 250' and hooked up a schoolie phin in about 200' (skirted hoo) and bonito in 120' (hoo/seawitch on planer). When that planer tripped and I was hand-lining the leader, that bonito felt like a big king. I certainly wasn't expecting a bonito on the planer. There were a bunch of fliers inside 100' mainly between 50' and 75'. The wind got a bit stronger around 2:30pm so I decided to head in with strips and dolphin dinner.

I hope this wind dies down!!!!!!


BTW - water was pretty green / dirty inside up to about 150'


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