June 18 Late Report

Went out with the intention of finding red snapper, but the 3-6 foot seas kept us inside of 25 miles out of New Pass. So I decided we'd go for some red grouper on our short trip. We left real late, 10am and were back at dock at 2:30pm.

My cousin was visiting from NY and I wanted to put him on a cuda because he's never caught one. But our time was very limited with the weather getting progressively worse. So we decided we'd troll for 10 minutes and if no cuda we bounce. Well only about 3 minutes went by and we had one on but it wasn't a cuda. Instead it was a pretty large Crevelle. One of hte biggest I've seen. As a striped bass fisherman, he swore the fish would be 50 lbs during the fight. He couldn't believe that a 10lb fish could pull that hard. The fight went on for about 15 minutes. Crevelles are awesome!

On to the red grouper. I thought I'd find some new hard bottom in 70 feet. Well it didn't take long before the fish finder was lit up. Ended up catching about 30 reds, keeping a few. Along with some mangos. And of course the token kingfish. The action was pretty slow by normal standards, but the rough seas were probably to blame.

I ended up getting a 30 inch red you can see in the pictures, totally dwarfing the 21-22 inchers. The last cast of the day nailed a nice 30-35lb cobia. He was marked up by something strange. Gashes and holes in the side. Didn't effect how delicious he tasted though :full

My cuz was definitely hooked on Florida fishing!



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