Shark Fishing Sanibel and report

Got here Saturday and it was raining pretty bad. Caught a break in the radar on Sunday and caught a 28" Snook in the surf on the gulf side despite the ridiculous surf and chop. Went to the pier on Monday and Tuesday. Not much action, the bait fish weren't there and neither were the fish except for some cats and big mullet that the dolphin were chasing. Went today and caught three Mangrove Snapper. Also tried some shark fishing on the beach (Bowman's Beach), no luck and I couldn't seem to keep my bait on the bottom. I do have a bunch of stingray and a few mangrove snapper carcasses if anyone would like to show me the ropes and use up some bait. This is my first year trying for sharks and still trying to figure it out. I have a Penn 850SSM and an 11' surf rod. Shoot me a pm if your interested. Can drive and will buy beer. :grin


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