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Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
Heading down to the abacos to the families resort. going to do some well needed fishing down there. we are not crossing our boat over so we are going to rent one down there. taking all the necessary equipment. bringing on 50w 2 30w and 2 8000 spinners. My question is what would be the best possibly spieces to target and what techniques if any are different from east coast trolling. obviously the trolling for dolphins wahoo or a possibly YFT or BFT would be great if anyone has any advice it would be greatly apprieciated


  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    You should post your dates and see if anyone on here will be over with their boat and are looking for someone to share gas and bait costs - it would be a win-win all around and they can put you on the fish.
    I know HuntressJax is going over tomorrow.
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  • WynWyn Posts: 53 Greenhorn
    Where are you going in the Abacos? If you are going to Elbow, you can get BFT off the lighthouse point if you work the birds. Use small pink plastic squids or small pink feathers, etc. Run them waaaaay back. The BFT are small. Good luck on dolphin and Marlin, they are scarce right now. YFT? Go down to Cherokee very early or late afternoon. If the weather is good try hole in the wall. On the bottom, get on the 40-45 ' reef just out of MOW and get the muttons. Go in closer around 10-15' and troll small white and yellow jigs at 3.5 - 4 kts. across the reef and pick up the yellowtails.
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    heading down july 7-16th. my in laws own a resort on elbow cay. 5 acres with a house and 6 villas with there own private dock. i appreicate all the info. if anyone needs any info on cape canaveral let me know i have plenty of hook ups and knowledge. keep any more advice if possible coming its an all new world down there. thanks in advance.
  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    if anyone who wants to cross their boat over during those dates the owner of the place will be down there with us and we can work out a nice deal. its just me the wife and the owner heading down there on those dates so if u are thinking about it make sure u have room for 3 for fishing.

  • WynWyn Posts: 53 Greenhorn
    Hook me up with some cape canaveral spots. I live in central fla but don't fish out of here much. We are headed to Grand this weekend. May try to get back over to Elbow in a few weeks. Send me your contact info in case we make it over when you are there.
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,388 Captain
    If you are looking for blackfins, you likely be able to find more than you can stand to catch on the edge both off of North Man-o-War channel and further south down just off North Bar cut. We were there a few weeks ago and we could have sunk the boat with them if that's what we were after. The birds were easy to find over the blackfin schools, especially if you can fish off a boat with radar. We found one really fast moving school of tunas off North Bar moving ESE into the deep at roughly 9 mph that we chased for an hour and couldn't get a bite off them as they were keyed in on chasing flying fish. I know there were yellowfins in that school as there were some busts far too big to be even large blackfins. Just put in your time on the edge and you will find the schools and very likely a billfish or two mixed in. My best advice is to pull your two 50's closer to the boat pulling larger lures or baits for billfish, while I'd put the smaller meatfish lures out long for tuna/dolphin/wahoo. Good luck!

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  • Catalina26Catalina26 Posts: 231 Officer
    we are renting a boat down there and doubt they have radar on the boats.. but i may just work that edge on day if i can find it. from what i understand my wife said the boat they rented didnt even have a depth finder on it.. so it will be hard to find drop offs and what not. i know what to look for on the surface so hopes my eyes are [email protected]
    I appreicate all the info
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