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saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,579 Captain
Recently toasted my rod hand a little. Usually don't hang out that long in mid day sun but after having a few suspect cancer places burned off I have decided to look for some gloves that work well for fly fishermen.

I have seen Simms new gloves with the open palms for better grip and are considering them.

Pros and cons of any experienced users appreciated.


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    Since I don't want to wind up like lots of old timers I know (I'm only 64... it's everyone else that's an old timer...) with lots of nasty skin cancers on the backs of their hands.... I've been wearing gloves now for almost a dozen years. The best I've found are the Mangrove Sun gloves and I always buy them one size large since I pole a boat most days when I have customers. Don't bother with the ones that have synthetic leather palms (they've never held up well for me) just the plain ones that are only nylon (or whatever synthetic they're made of). You won't even notice you have them on during the day.

    I use mine hard and expect no more than two months out of a pair (that would probably be an entire season for anyone else...). I highly recommend them. Over the years I've lost a half dozen folks I knew to melanoma so I don't fool around with the sun. My problem is that back in the early seventies when I got my first job as a mate we were just terribly ignorant about what the sun can do to you. As a result I'm scheduled to see that skin doctor every six months.... until it doesn't matter any more.
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    x2 on the mangrove sun gloves, sold at capt harrys. they are excellent and as bob said you wont notice you have them on after 5 minutes. the only drawback, is that they only go to the knuckle and therefore from the knuckle up you get burned. not bad but sill uncomfortable i wish they made them a bit longer. i'm going to try the buff gloves soon because they seem to cover more of the fingers.

  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,289 Captain
    As far as the exposed fingers when using the Mangrove gloves... I've never found it a problem. The last two joints on all my fingers are just a bit different color than the rest of my hands and you have to be pretty observant to notice it. The skin on that end of your fingers is a lot tougher than the backs of your hands so I can't say I ever expect a cancer problem there. Besides you really need that portion of your hands exposed to be able to do all the "fine motor skills" stuff whether fishing, or just running a skiff each day.....
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  • deerflydeerfly Posts: 722 Officer
    With my skin cancer history I've been using sun gloves for many years. I've flip flopped between Columbia PFG's, Dr. Shade and Mangrove's. These are the PFG's.

    Most recently I've tried the Buff's, which have reinforced pads sewn into the palm and finger. I think they're billed as 3/4 finger coverage too. You can see they're obviously longer than the Columbia's.

    The reinforcement pads definitely add some longevity against the wear and tear of poling, but the finger pads take some getting used to with line management. When I first started using the Buff's I dumped a lot of casts and still do from time to time when using lighter rigs like my 6wt, but after a while you do get used to them.

    In looking at my picture dates it looks like I've had the Buff's about 13 months now, using them nearly every weekend. They are showing signs of needing replacement, but I would have been through at least two pairs of the lycra alternatives in the same time frame depending on my tolerance for holes in the palms. Although obviously worn, the Buff's are plenty usable but I'll probably get another pair before too long.

    From a sun protection standpoint I'd say they're all about the same. The difference comes down to the trade-off between durability and sensitivity at the fingers. If you don't pole much then the nylon/lycra models are all you'd need. I spend the majority of time poling my son around and trying to make a cast when an opportunity presents itself, so the Buff's seem to be my best option.
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  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,579 Captain
    Thanks for all the replies, glove are on the way and I hope others found this to be useful as well.
  • IUOE 487IUOE 487 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Another yes for the Buffs. Once you get used to them, you don't even realize you have them on. Guys should know how important it is to keep covered up. I've had some skin cancer removed (getting up in age) and wish I had protected myself better. You will like the Buffs Bob. I've had a few pairs from HG's and no complaints. Just rinse off with fresh water after use, and they are good to go.
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