Florida Girl 6/23 ledge report

We had planned on fishing the Northeast Florida Marlin Association's dolphin tourney but they cancelled it on Thursday due to a 3-5 forecast. We decided to make the run still and were pleasantly surprised. We started on a weedline in 120 and picked up a dolphin and a wahoo quickly. Fished it for a while but only had a few small bites so we headed east. We picked up a blackfin on the way east in about 150ft. Had a nice fish light up the planer rod and pulled the hooks after about 3 minutes on the rod. We had a mainline break on a billfish that was most likely a sail shortly after the hook up. Had nothing on the break but a tiny cuda so we put out the plastic and headed east, made it to 1300 with nothing to show for it but we expected it to be slow since we were marlin fishing. Made the call to turn west and we saw a freejumping sail in 1025. Had two billfish bites on the shotgun rod but didn't get the hooks in them. We worked the area for a bit but then made the call to continue west. In about 400ft we found a weedline that you could only dream about. It was hard to keep baits in the water but we weeded our way through some peanuts to get 5 dolphin between 8-18 pounds and a few smaller fish. We had a peanut come greyhounding from a distance through our spread going towards the weedline but didn't even windowshop our baits. It was about 1-2 minutes later and the shotgun rod got a hit. The fish immediately came up doing the billfish windshield wiper and after a few nice jumps and a 20 minute fight Scott had released his first Blue Marlin which was also the first one on the Florida Girl.


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