Trying to get my multi fish mojo back!!!

KyTrkyHntrKyTrkyHntr Posts: 47 Deckhand
After being off these fish for the last two weekends it was time to get back to work!!:grin The lake is still down almost 4' below summer pool and the flats are still covered in "green stuff" Fish are scattered and you have to find a "gravel" bank with some kind of shelf on it. Fish sit on this shelf and feed along or face the bank waiting for something to fall in.... I missed 2 eats and I think it was because the water so so clear that I was just so mesmerized watching these fish inhale the fly and then spit it out that I didn't strip strike for a hook set!!!:banghead Oh well..... enough excuses..... I did finally connect with a decent fish... So decent in fact that he pulled me into some brush and hung up! After a few mins of wrangling and the help of my lovely wife I got him untangled and to the boat! Fun day on the water!





  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    Way cool fish & thanks for sharing.
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    Very cool! I bet those are a blast to sight fish
  • KyTrkyHntrKyTrkyHntr Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Thanks guys!!

    jumboshrimp - Yep, when the water's clean you can watch them vacuum the fly right up! Cool site!
  • DogmanDogman Posts: 450 Deckhand
    Great fish. I've been trying to get one for the last couple weeks. No luck though.
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    Nice lips!
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