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6/5 - Anniversary Charter on the Mosquito Lagoon

First and Foremost I apologize to my clients and forum members for my lack of fishing reports the last few months. I've just been really busy between Charters and Audio Engineer Gigs that I can barely find the time to sleep. Anyways here's some happy clients.

Amber Called me up a few weeks earlier inquiring about getting a guided kayak charter for her and her boyfriend for their anniversary but she wanted to keep it a surprise. So I gave her the address for Capt Hooks, our meet up location in the morning and she plugged them into her gps after cunningly convincing her boyfriend to meet her at 4am at her house. She stuck the gps in his lap and made him give directions and they followed it from the west coast to the east coast.

Unfortunately the wind was blowing a bit and it was overcast early in the am so topwater was not being productive and sight fishing for schools or tails was out of the question so we did some blind casting and some strategic bait soaking.

First to hook up was Phillip with a 19" red caught on a new penny gulp rigged weedless fishing the shorelines in about 1ft of h20.

And then Amber caught her first ever redfish a nice 26.5" red with a piece of mullet strategically placed in bank of sand holes where a schools been doing laps lately. She handled it properly and yes she is wearing a bating suit top.

Hoping this wind will lay down at some point, seems like its been blowing forever. But still plenty of fish to be caught!! Tight lines!
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