Patriot Flies

Kevin KellyKevin Kelly Posts: 84 Greenhorn
Project Healing Waters is asking tiers to donate a dozen flies tied solely in red, white, and blue. The pattern can be of your own choosing, but all 12 need to be the same. The flies will be divided and given out to disabled veterans at an event later this summer. Here's what i'm doing - couldn't find any blue rabbit, so i dyed some. Couldn't get the shade of blue i wanted, but i hope it will do. Probably switch out the schlappen for hackle. It's a bit long.


  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    Info please. Where to send, when, etc., etc.
    Ron Conner Release the fish, keep the memories. Once a Knight is enough.
  • Kevin KellyKevin Kelly Posts: 84 Greenhorn
    If you're on Facebook, look up Patriot Flies.
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