Goin' Raptor Fishing - End of May / Early June Palm Beach Report and KDW Update

Glad the forums are back! We've certainly missed them but that hasn't stopped us from doing a ton of fishing during the downtime ;)

To start off, we've been doing a lot of Blackfin Tuna trips with consistent success. The bite for us is always better in the afternoon between 150-200ft. Smaller baits with light leaders and small hooks also have been key.

Our best day we caught three with the biggest around 25, a couple dolphin and a sail in only a couple hours of fishing.


We've also been fishing a ton of tournaments, with the KDW Classic last weekend. We fished real hard and there was a decent Kingfish bite early off of the breakers. We caught a ton of fish (released about 20 fish in the 10lb range), but just couldn't find the smoker.


We also found a few small dolphin mixed in just outside the edge. Seemed to be the report from most boats, hopefully the dolphin stick around with the strong east wind - saw a pair of fish at the red can almost inside palm beach inlet this morning while baitfishing!

We are fishing the Saltwater Slam in Pompano this coming weekend, so look for us there. Otherwise, still lots of open spots on the calendar and the fishing is getting hotter!

Capt. Paul Sabayrac


  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    sounds like a good time, good luck in the slam
  • CAZMCAZM Posts: 93 Deckhand
    Great pictures Paul. Particularly like the AVID Tackle gear, I assume you got connected with Tim, eh? They just opened their store on Clematis this week.

    All we got in the KDW was bonies. BIG ones. I was kite fishing for the first time on my boat with only me having even seen it before - yeah, not the best approach to winning, but we learned a lot.

    Give me a call if you are fishing during the week sometime this summer and need an extra hand - assuming you are not at UF during the week?

    We are still planning for Jan 27/28 for the Heath Evans Sailfish Bowl. Looking like a two-day division (to accomodate the serious/big boats) and a one-day division (for the charter guys and weekend CC guys). More in the next two weeks!

  • DORADOsteveDORADOsteve Posts: 60 Greenhorn
    Nice going with the blackfins. Keep up the good work!
  • Goin RaptorGoin Raptor Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Thanks Steve - Good to know your still around. Shoot me a message if you don't have my Cell # anymore, always love to share reports.

    Glenn - Thanks for the compliments. Kite fishing sure can be an entertaining way to go about it. Learning simply is best. Our biggest note to ourselves after this past tournament is that we tend to overdo it, and especially with kite fishing, keeping things simple is the best way to learn and fish effectively (like we don't have to fly three kites ALL the time, especially in a hot bite). Take your steps and I'm sure you'll have great results soon!

    Also really looking forward to the tournament come January, definitely now after striking up a great relationship with Tim and Avid. Hope to meet you in person soon.

  • BeermanBeerman Posts: 696 Officer
    Nice ones Paul and crew!! Congrats
    Words of Wisdom: Many a problem will solve itself, if we forget it and go fishing or hunting!!

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