Everglades Snookin on Fire

I've spent the last few trips in the Everglades National Park and the action has been incredible as usual. The Snook are in their summer spawning rituals and have been absolutely ripping drag off the Shimano's. The key to catching these fish has been having the right bait and I'll give you a hint it isn't Shrimp. The Snook have been active around the beaches and Shorelines of the Cape area all the way north into the Chokoloskee waters. Focus your efforts along Gulf shorelines during the higher stages of the tide and float a baitfish under a cork or freelined and you should get rewarded with big Snook, Trout and Redfish. The Redfish have been very aggressive in the same areas and they seem to be much more open to attacking the artificials. My guest caught 3 quality reds in a 5 minute period using a gold spoon that the Snook wouldn't even give the time of day. Some quality Trout will be located in these same areas and in grass beds just off the shorelines and are preferring smaller baits like Shrimp and 1/4 oz hook up jig with a Gulp! All my fish have been caught using FINS braid and I have been extremely impressed with the quality and smoothness of the product. Anyone interested in learning the waters of Flamingo or has any questions about trips feel free to contact me. [email protected]


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