Noseless facemask for freediving ??

Cut runnerCut runner Posts: 948 Officer
I have trouble clearing alot while i freedive. Ive heard that a mask where the nose is in the water(like swimming goggles) helps. Any thoughts or experience? Also does it help with fogging issues?


  • Mark O.Mark O. Posts: 3,416 Captain
    How do you equalize the pressure inside a mask like that?
  • Cut runnerCut runner Posts: 948 Officer
    Lol i dunno, thats why im asking?!?!
  • Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
    I'm not a freediver, but you need to equalize the pressure inside the mask or possibly cause damage to your eyes and sinuses (mask squeeze). You'll commonly see the ring around the face and the bloodshot eyes. I'm not saying a noseless mask is or isn't better again I'm not a freediver, but to equalize the pressure inside the mask you need to exhale from the nose and into the mask.
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  • snooknreds2snooknreds2 Posts: 514 Officer
    Not to mention being able to clear the mask of any water!
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  • Capt M BrennanCapt M Brennan Posts: 488 Officer
    Can't use a noseless face mask while free diving. Unless you're diving less than 10 feet. You need a free diving mask, very low volume, not what is typical for scuba diving. My experience has been that Creesi Sub makes the best free diving masks I've ever used, in fact I use them with scuba gear too. very low volume so it doesn't take much to clear your mask or equalize pressure. I think the mask that I use is called an Ochio by Cressi - Sub or something like that, bought it in 1982 Oceanside, CA, been using it almost 30 years, don't know if they make them anymore. Used it to free dive spearfish at 70 - 80 feet, I'm too old now for that. Hope this helps
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