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With the lake trying to come up to summer pool It's tough to find a flat with no "green stuff".... If you find fish up in the shallows, they are in so much debris it's tough getting a fly in an open spot! Found some fish that were up on the rocks and facing the bank. These guys were waiting for stuff to fall in the water and then they would turn and feed around. Finally connected with a nice fish that turned and ate the fly!



Kept working that side of the lake and I would find fish up in the weeds, but they were spooky, spooky and you can't get your fly where it needs to be seen!! Tough finding open spots in the weeds to place a fly!

Went back and worked the same bank, but never connected. Found a couple of fish mudding out in front of the grass and connected for the 2nd fish of the day!!!



Here's the power plant on these dudes!


Worked hard for these 2 fish, but it was a great day out there and I'll take it!


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    My Colorado buddies tell me that those common carp pull as hard as redfish. Want to get on them one day. Our lazy (but large) grass carp in our FL lakes just make one good run then it's like pulling in the anchor.
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    They are a good pull for sure! I've got some friends on FB in the Denver area that post up some videos.... Those "river" carp out there are crazy compared to these "lake" carp.... These guys will make a couple of nice runs and then it's a tug of war..... these guys seem more bullish...(like a red) compared to those blistering runs out west..... go figure..... If you're ever up this way give me a shout!!!!
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    Nice fish on fly! What were you throwing at them?
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    Nice carp!
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    kahmad wrote: »
    Nice fish on fly! What were you throwing at them?

    Thanks! I was using a fly called "Barry's Spork". I got some from Feather Craft. Here's the link. Rust color is about all I use...

    Last year I was throwing the Backstabber in rust and that is a good fly too!!
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    Shadowcast wrote: »
    Nice carp!

    Thanks man!
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