Whats your personal Favorite Rod n Reel Set up?



  • gettinwetgettinwet Posts: 1,366 Officer
    An old school GLoomis IMX 6ft Light Fast Action paired with a Stradic 1000FH.........yes, the original white Stradic! It just gave out on me last year. Gears so worn it won't lay the line right anymore. Best rig I ever had for wade fishing grass flat potholes - could pitch a shrimp freelined or under a weighted cork a country mile, strong enough to put a whooping on big reds (see pic - though I did have to run after this one to keep from being spooled), very light to cast/carry all day, and the most sensitive rod I ever used with braided line.........I could feel a fish just looking at the bait! The rod tip eye insert came out on the GLoomis but as soon as I can get that fixed I'm going to pair it it up with one of the new Stradics!
    There are only so many casts in life, so shut up and fish!!
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