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5/31 out of gordons

so we ran out thursday 20+ to my spot got there about 8am and had 3 keeper RG by 9. Then the front pushed through which really picked up the wind and waves and the speed of our drift took about 2 hrs for it to really start to slow enogh that we could come off anchor. fishing really slowed down but we managed 3 more the smallest was 21" the rest were longer than my golden rule which is 22+. Had multiple hook up where we got buried in the bottom and had to break off actually ran out of big hooks which forced us to use 4/0 circle which after we did that we have a couple hooks pull. Caught a 6ft+ nurse shark and had a cobia take a bait of a rod that was dangling at the surface because my boy was busy getting the lid of the live well closed. Even when the weather don't play nice it is pure fun!!! Now time to move to Cape coral and figure it all out again!!!!


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