Crystal River Meat Trip

Left the dock at 6:30 am with a little more wind than I expected, I knew it would be a little bumpy as soon as I looked at the stacks on the power plant. Steady West wind all day. Scooted out to 50+/- feet, having to slow some the last 7 miles or so since it got a little "rolly". We anchored up on a spot that did very well a few weeks earlier and it was on instantly. We only needed to move twice and loaded up on some very nice Red Grouper. We had a couple break offs and a few Gags (released). I don't have a working temperature gauge but since it was hot I jumped in and was suprised at how cool the water still is. Once the tide slacked around 1:30 pm the bite really slowed down and 1 other move only produced 1 keeper. It was nice to only have to work an area of about 1 mile (nice fuel savings). We called it a day at about 2:00 pm and ended the day with 13 or so Red Grouper (1 made an escape when we tossed a fish in the box), 5 or so Gags and some of the largest Grunts (now called Firemouth Snapper, makes us feel like we are catching a more exotic species) I have ever seen. Looking forward to the opening of Gags!


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