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Kayak Challenge Official Tournament Page: Post Your Inshore Catches Here!

Sam HSam H Posts: 279 Officer
*This is the official place to post your inshore catches for the Florida Sportsman Kayak Challenge.*

THIS TOURNAMENT IS OFFICIALLY FINISHED! Thanks to all that posted and participated! The final winners have been posted!

Guideline for posting your tournament photos:

>Each angler in the tournament must be a member of the Florida Sportsman Forums.

>With your fish catch photo, include the date posted, the length of the fish and the species of fish. In each photo, your paddlecraft (kayak) and the tournament token must be present. Tokens will be sent to your email May 31 (or the day of your registration if it's after June 1).

>Anglers may update and upgrade their fish as they catch better fish throughout the tournament. But to keep this thread from becoming too large, edit your first post where you posted photos initially. (As an example, you posted a picture of a redfish on June 4. Then on June 10, you catch a bigger redfish. Replace the existing photo with the new redfish catch.) Keep all your catch photos in one post within the thread.

>Anglers may not intentionally hold back catches until the end of a tournament. In good faith, fish should be checked in within a couple days of the catch (72 hours is the max).

>No comments or replies will be allowed on this thread. We want to keep things simple and organized.

CLICK HERE to talk about your inshore adventures, or if you have other fun photos to share while fishing the tournament.

Current Leader Board:

1. MarxSG: 106 inches

2: mangohunterII: 102.5 inches

3. superduper: 92 inches

"Big Fish" Weekly Winners: (Understand that the tournament format allows participants to post catches up to 72 hours past the day they fished. The weekly winner will be decided by the date the forum poster posted the images of their catches. Example: The winner of the second week will be picked on June 18. An angler who posted fish on Tuesday June 12, but caught the fish on Saturday June 10, will be eligible for the second week.)

June 11: Chobeeboys with a 30.5 inch seatrout

June 18: Flyslinger with a 35.5-inch redfish

June 25: jcampbell577 with a 39-inch snook

July 2: mangohunter11 with a 40-inch redfish

July 9: Tarpontine with a 33-inch snook

July 16: MarxSG with a 38.5-inch redfish

July 23: Irishjean with a 37-inch snook

July 30: superduper with a 39-inch redfish


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