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Slopps08Slopps08 Posts: 1,038 Officer
I have been looking at a 2003 266 sailfish. It has twin 225 yamies 4 strokes they want 35900 for the boat. My question is what do you think about this brand of boat good or bad?


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  • RRRRRR Posts: 8,218 Officer
    like this?

  • gandrfabgandrfab Posts: 20,430 AG
    They seem well built, I have not been on the water in one yet.
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  • GJBenn85GJBenn85 Posts: 1,364 Officer
    Solid mid-tier boat, though I hear some of the models are a bit wet riding.
  • Ol MuckyOl Mucky Posts: 5,535 Admiral
    I have a 236 and will buy a 266/2660 as soon as I can.(been looking for a solid 1.5 year)
    Def a decent mid-tier boat.
    Most thing I like about is the size/room for ......their size. Big boats
    Great fishability, but great for family too.
    not a bad price for that(u could do a little better), depends on elect, trailer, packages and hours. I'd scour the web and recheck.
    The 225 4 strokes were hit or miss with serious issues, be sure you get a qualified survey
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  • OnewolfOnewolf Posts: 657 Officer
    Make sure to pull the lower units and check for the F225 exhaust corrosion issue.
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  • Slopps08Slopps08 Posts: 1,038 Officer
    Thanks for the input I will keep looking around. I have an old 20 step v and just want a bigger upgrade. Let me know if you find 2 great deals :)
  • Ol MuckyOl Mucky Posts: 5,535 Admiral
    They are there.
    You can snag (gotta be quick) loaded 2008 with twin 150 low hours around $50 - 55 mark
    Excellent fuel economy by the way on that engine/boat combo
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  • Go MongoGo Mongo Posts: 2,107 Captain
    They appear to have a variable deadrise hull which is simular to Seacraft.
    If true, it should ride pretty good. I've heard good things.
    Good luck.
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  • sailfish2sailfish2 Posts: 4,244 Captain
    I had a 234 wac. Good boat, no complaints.
    Hoping for better luck next time...... and got it.

  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    You can find alot more boat for that kind of coin, good luck!
  • Stroker AceStroker Ace Posts: 335 Deckhand
    isla21 wrote: »
    You can find alot more boat for that kind of coin, good luck!

    Well lets see em then.
  • pointerDixie214pointerDixie214 Posts: 5,658 Admiral
    My buddy has one of their bay boats... 18 footer I believe. It's a real nice riding boat and laid out very well. Not sure if this translates to the bigger ones or not...
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  • troutman561troutman561 Posts: 575 Officer
    There are better boats out there.. I put 550 hours on a 2660. It would have been more if it was not always getting some issue fixed. It did not ride side all that great either. I also had a 236 before the 2660 and loved that little boat. IMO it rides better, believe it or not..
  • Lone DrifterLone Drifter Posts: 639 Officer
    I bought a 2007 2360 with twin yamahas 4 strokes with 47 hrs on engines a couple years ago. I couldn't be more satisfied. Great storage, big fish boxes, 20 rod holders, freshwater & saltwater washdowns, huge baitwell, large transom door, 10 person capacity and with lenco tabs rides real nice.:thumbsup
  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,659 Admiral
    Offer 32000 you might be surprised. boats haven't been selling all that well due to the economy and the price of fuel. If you like it get it. I made an offer of 5000 less on a boat 2 years ago and was shocked when I got an e-mail from the guy saying SOLD!. He was 7000 upside down, I felt kinda bad.
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  • Slopps08Slopps08 Posts: 1,038 Officer
    Okay I will try that.
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