ocean inlet park and my first bone fish!!

irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
After a failed attempt on the Lady K last night me and Red118 decided to try our luck on the yaks today. We got to ocean inlet park a lil after 6 am and was paddling north around 6:30. Tide was out going and there was a ton of bait, we started along the north side of beer can island and I quickly picked up a small blue runner, to bad I didn't have something bigger to hook him onto and free line him out. A few more cast and I feel one hell of a thud and my procyon starts screaming and my yak starts getting pulled right along with the fish. I make up line and i lose line make up and lose and all I can figure is i have one hell of a monster snook or a big a$$ jack. I finally get to see what has been taking me for a ride and this guy appears

Super excited as this is my first bone fish I have ever caught and what makes it even better is the fact that some guys go all over trying to catch these lil buggers and I hook into one right off of beer can island. truly amazed at how strong these lil fish are. So after a few pics and a high five from red we start paddling north. Get into some small snapper and a moon fish, or at least thats what I call them. Get just past the small bridge in the western canal going into hypoluxo Island. jigging a DOA cal electric chicken with red head and on the down fall my jig disappears in a flash and i get this guy

Another round of high fives and I can tell red is gettin bummed as he hasn't even had a sniff. So we form a game plan re rig what he is tossing and now we are on the eastern canal heading south, nice looking dock and I hold off on casting as I am betting the farm there is a nice snook waiting. Red tosses up his jig and FISH on, A nice snook for his first one, I am pretty sure I was more excited than he was about hooking up. Sadly he got it right next to his yak going in for the lip and the jig pulls out and the snook swam off :shrug, for sure was a keeper but a boat side release, but red's spirit was renewed and we fished a lil more finally called it a day @ 1:30. All in all a great day on the water with a good fishing buddy.
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  • bonitabobbonitabob Posts: 675 Officer
    Very cool! Nice bonefish!
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    still trying to try for my first, such spooky little buggers. going this weekened to biscayne.
  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
    Yes thats what I hear. I have always heard they are very elusive and Hell of a fight. And they are right. Just never heard of catching them in boynton. Ever .....

    From my phone which is hopefully with me on the water
    time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time
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    They are around Palm Beach and Stuart. I had my best day bonefishing off Jupiter. We were fishing for pomps and all we hooked were bones. I hooked 5 that day. You will find them around the inlets at time on a jig or a shrimp. Nice suprise catch. :thumbsup
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    Well done! I bonefish all the time in the keys and is one of the most rewarding experiences in fishing IMO.

    Check out my avatar. 12lb boney! Killer fight for such a small fish.
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    Grats on your first bonefish and I must say never seen a bonefish get caught in Boynton Beach.
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