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Florida East Coast AAP data Derby - easy and phat.

The Snook & Gamefish Foundation (SGF) is hosting the first month long derby for the sole purpose of collecting fishing data. To be eligible to win prizes, all you have to do is enter into the derby and log your fishing trip data at www.angleraction.org.

There will be an online captain's meeting at www.snookfoundation.org, but the skinny is this:
-$45 to enter
-each fishing trip logged earns a ticket for the prize drawing
-even trips where zero fish are caught count (in fishery management, zero is an important number)
-species include all freshwater and saltwater targets, from bluegills to billfish
-derby includes all of Florida's east coast, from Jax to Key West
-every entrant gets one sweepstakes ticket for the David Gause boat, regardless of whether you fish
-party will be July 7th in Jensen Beach at River Palms
-you don't need to be present to win major prizes

You can register as late as June 23, but the sooner you jump in and start logging trips, the more prizes you can win.

There is more info at www.snookfoundation.org, or you can email [email protected].
Or gimme a call, 561-707-8923

"A 'real' fisherman is one who thinks like I do. There are more of us around than you might suspect."
-John Gierach
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