22 mako 200, 225, 250 speed difference

gtrfan101gtrfan101 Posts: 65 Deckhand
I am about to get a new outboard for my 1970 22 mako, I was looking for 225s and 250s, but I just found a great deal on a 200 suzuki, how big of a speed difference would there be between a 200, 225, and 250 for this boat?


  • bkw4287bkw4287 Posts: 140 Officer
    I suggest trying classicmako.com to find owners that will know exact numbers, but I've personally been on a Mako 231 with a 200, it ran just fine in terms of having enough power.
  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,126 Officer
    What do you have now?
    How fast do you want to go?
    Are they all 4 strokes?
    Are there weight differences between them? (might be if different manufactures)
    Also, is the Suzuki new? And pay close attention to the Suzuki extended warranty. It is an insurance policy, not a tru warranty.
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