How many hours are too many?

zmgsvtzmgsvt Posts: 302 Deckhand
Looking for a new skiff, Ive always bought a boat with low hours. I've always seemed to think 150 or less. I've been finding alot of boats I like but they are in the 500-900hr range. So, how many are too many? I've never put more than 60 on in a year.

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  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,116 Officer
    Hard call...I got 2550 out of my last one over 8.5 years
    Depends on the year and the motor and the RPM's of those hours.
    Most newer motors will have that data stored and a dealer can retrieve it. Also, get it surveyed.

    60 a year? I put that on in the last 45 days!!
  • zmgsvtzmgsvt Posts: 302 Deckhand
    So 900 hours on a 2005 115 yammy 2 stroke?

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  • reeljobreeljob Posts: 385 Officer
    I think I have about 1800 hours on my Mercury 225 and it runs like a top.
    I was born with nothing, and I have most of it left.
  • BigredoneBigredone Posts: 57 Deckhand
    I've always heard to figure about 1500 hours for an outboard. My guess is the more often it's run, the more hours you'll get out of it. Since if it is run regularly, the oil won't drain COMPLETELY off the metal and the engine won't be grinding metal on metal when starting until a fresh oil supply pumps thru.
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