Destin Harbor-- Tarpon!

Great two days offshore fishing. Great weather.......... Saturday morning we had a late start leaving the dock which is in the far east end. I looked up and saw a wake that was being created by a fish that was huge. I shut the motors and waited for it to get closer. It was a huge Tarpon. Gently cruising into the eastern end of the harbor. It was the first time I have ever seen one in the panhandle. I have heard of catches but honestly had doubted the reports. Well, It was a good sighting. Really neat.

Tight lines to all.


  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,028 Moderator
    The reports you hear are most definitely true. We usually start seeing them in the spring, and sightings will peak in mid-summer before it tapers off again. However, I have heard of some folks cathing small ones in the bay... which means we're close to having a year round stock which would be cool. Last summer during scalloping season we ran to St. Joe on the outside and just before getting inside the cape we saw acres and acres of 60-100# fish rolling. I mean just thousands of them but could not get any of them to chew, although we didn't try all that hard.

    Maybe next time you see one you'll be able to get a hook in him!
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • FS JeffFS Jeff Posts: 373 Moderator
    In October, while filming an episode for Florida Sportsman TV, we saw a school of big tarpon blazing to the east in 40 feet of water, off Destin. Great place to fish!
    Jeff Weakley
  • Sage ManSage Man Posts: 195 Officer
    Jeff...I saw the same thing in October except they were smaller fish 20-40 lbs. They were hauling tail back to the east. We cast to them several times but to no avail. We joked they were younger fish and were late heading back east for the migration back to the Keys...typical teenagers (G) they we moving on quickly.
  • mahiwahimahiwahi Posts: 180 Officer
    I've spotted quite a few close to shore strolling down PC Beach over the years. Usually just moving on through and not stopping for any thing.
  • BrzbckBrzbck Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    We have seen Tarpon in SJB the last 2 years. We go the first 2 weeks every year. But we have never caught one. Very I
    Impressive to see those large Silver Kings in that clear water.
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