What is the Most Hours You have ever put on a 4 stroke Outboard?

GarboGarbo Posts: 1,262 Officer
I have a Yamaha F225, this is my 3rd one and it has more hours on it than the other two ever had, at 1200. I have heard all kind of number of hours totals for 4 stroke outboards and some have sounded unbelievable.

What is the Most hours you have ever put on a 4 stroke Outboard?



  • PattonC222PattonC222 Posts: 286 Officer
    I know of a few with 4k plus on yamaha's. Couple zukes with 5-6k in commercial service. They run all the time thats why they last.
  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,793 Admiral
    My 9.9 yamaha 4s didn't have many hours on it but it finally corroded away, it was a '94. That is the only 4s I have owned but I just bought a new yamaha 20 hp 4s to replace it. My old Evinrude 135 2s that I had on another boat was well over 25 years old and still going when I got rid of it. Couldn't tell you how many hours it had.

    Time is a much bigger enemy to these engins than hours.
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  • AntiguaAntigua Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I have owned 7 F225 engines and use them in commercial setting running 70 miles a day with an average RPM of about 4400. We never had an engine get to 1200 hours without having to change the exhaust plates. That seems to be the biggest failure on these engines even if you flush them. Also at that number of hours all of them had heavy buildup inside the water cooling passages. Apart from that only two of them had bad failures under 1500. The rest of them usually ran without any issues at all up to about 3000 hours. After that we have seen oil leaks at the crank shaft seal and valve issues. We had two of them in the 4K hours and one leg got about 6 thousand hours. Remember that high rev hours are way more than low rev hours. I have seen many commercial engines with way more hours but they are trolling..... My boat has done 180,000 miles since 2005. We repowered to F250 commercial engines last week after ordering them from Japan. Have an identical boat with verado's....... can't say I have been equally impressed.
  • ReelsmoothReelsmooth Posts: 86 Greenhorn
    Over 4000 hours on Coast Guard RBS with Honda 225.
  • fltsfshrfltsfshr Posts: 292 Officer
    I had a 50 honda kicker on my sailboat. When I sold the boat it had over 1200 hours, lots of it at idle. Ran a leakdown and compression on it before I sold it. It was all good. Never kept a motor that long before.

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