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I'm in the market for a new Bay boat and what a disappointing experience. Here's an example; look at the add for the 22' Scout on the top of the boating forum. Notice the guy leaning over to gain access to the rear compartment. Now imagine how he would have to contort his body to access the center live-well. You would have to stand sideways between the leaning post and the rear deck to retrieve a bait. The Scout add also shows a picture of the front live-well. You have to un-snap the cushion and hold the lid up with one hand while you try to find a bait. That's stupid. Why didn't they just hinge the lid in the front. Then the cushion wouldn't need any snaps and the lid would stay open be itself.

Here's another example of poor engineering. The Pathfinder 24" Bay boat shows a guy accessing what they call a tackle station in the front of the console. You have to remove the back-rest to reveal a rack full of plastic tackle boxes. Now you have to remove the box you want, walk to another place in the boat, sit the box down, open the box and find your tackle. Now you have to reverse all those directions to put everything back in place. You'd be better of keeping your tackle in your pants pocket. Why didn't they put the back-rest on a hinge and insert a real built-in tackle box so you could stand in one position and do all your business in one place. Now, I know that the hole created by removing the back-rest is also an access to the console wiring and stuff, but a built-in tackle box is just mounted with 6 or 8 screws. No big deal to remove if you need access to wiring.

And while I'm at it; here's another stupid thing that every new Bay boat has. Rocket launchers on the back of the leaning post. You can't even walk between the leaning post and the rear deck with rod launchers sticking out.

I'm not done yet. Every boat that I looked at had the filters for the bait and wash-down pumps mounted vertical. So when you un-screw the filters to clean them, you loose some or all the contents of the filter into your bilge. That's stupid, don't these guys fish or clean their own boats. The filter should be mounted horizontal, so the filter comes out with the lid and 95% of the contents stays in the lid and filter.

Anyway, I'm still looking for a boat that I won't have to take home and rebuild just after I buy it.


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    How about looking at some custom built boats? You would be X-ing out just about everything you just stated, and probably a few more things you haven't thought of yet. Production boats are all very similar in lay out etc. and many try to be family friendly over fishing friendly which for me is a buzz kill. Throw some bean bags on the floor and ride out if you ask me. Good luck with your search it's a jungle out there.
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    And while I'm at it; here's another stupid thing that every new Bay boat has. Rocket launchers on the back of the leaning post. You can't even walk between the leaning post and the rear deck with rod launchers sticking out.

    I have never liked rcket launchers on the back of the seat, just in the way. I agree, now you see why people spend the money to buy custom rigged boats, even rebuild old ones.
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    Or you can just customize a new production boat:

    After I bought my last new boat, (Cookie Cutter) I spent about six weeks working on it before it touched any salt water. (I tested it out in a fresh water lake before buying it).

    First, I removed every piece of hardware I could get to, and properly sealed the bolts and bedded them with compound. I also treated all of the non-marine wiring and the back of the instrument panel with a heavy layer of corrosion protection. Then I built a water proof cover for the instrument panel. I wasn't happy with the small factory live well in the corner of the transom, so I capped off the pump and turned it into a forth dry storage compartment. Next, I removed the seat/cooler in front of the console and custom fitted a high grade oval raw water live well, to take its place. This live well can also serve as a seat, by just placing the throwable cushion on top of it. For comfort, I left in the factory cushioned backrest that is mounted on the front of the console. Finally, I added vertical rod holder clusters to the left side of the console and on the right side of the front deck, so I can safely carry up to nine rigged rods for fast deployment, without fear of them bouncing out of the boat or getting in the way of fishing. The boat also has six other rod holders for fishing and/or trolling, for a total of 14 rod holders.

    After the boat was launched I did not stop customizing it, since for me this is half the fun of owning a boat.
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    par for the course for production - price point boats.
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    Yeah I have rocket launchers on the back of my leaning post and they are only good for transporting rods to the spot. I can't leave anything in them while fishing as it eats up what little fishable space there already is between the back of the post and the live well. I'm still glad they are there though just for transporting the rods out to and in between fishing grounds.

    I wouldn't let any of that stuff bother me to the point that I'd be swayed to another manufacturer. Focus on hull design, overall build quality, company reputation and of course price assuming it's an issue. Boats, like cars and trucks have features and gimicks and chances are not all of them are going to appeal to you and yes, some of them are just plain stupid.

    One of my favorite peeves on my boat is the "in gunwhale rod storage" that is only big enough to accomodate 6' rods? Needless to say that's where the boat brush, gaff, boat hook and stern light post live. My second favorite peeve (and major hazard) is the raw-water washdown pump that does not have any kind of pressure switch, so just keeps pushing water until the fittings blow off. I replaced the valve connection with an open hose fiting, so if someone accidentally turns it on, it spits water onto the self bailing deck instead of blowing the fitting and filling the bilge.
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    PattonC222 wrote: »
    How about looking at some custom built boats? Good luck with your search it's a jungle out there.

    Custom equals $. I'm kinda leaning toward the 23' Pathfinder High Performance Step hull. Only because it's laid out almost perfect. It still has some flaws. But I imagine it will cost somewhere near $65k with a 250 hp motor, trailer and tax. A custom boat would be even more. This is where I start to draw the line on spending for a toy. 65k is almost twice as much as I paid for a brand new Suburban. I guess, I just hate the thought of buying a new boat then having to modify stuff to make it right or more fish-able.

    Here's another stupid thing I'm finding on new Bay boats. The steering wheel is mounted in the center of the dash. What's the reason for that? I mean, they install a 42" wide leaning post, but only one person can lean on it because of the location of the steering wheel. Where does our fishing partner stand/ride. For years the steering wheel has been mounted on the left of the center console so two persons could ride behind the wind-shield. If the boat leaned slightly then the trim-tabs would compensate for that.
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