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My buddy bailed on me first thig this morning so it was a solo trip. so i did what i always do and stopped at island cafe in EC and grabbed some breakfast. at my first spot i picked up a trout and a mackerel. caught a bunch of mackerel throughout the day. ran to another spot and picked up 2 nice flounder and another trout. hit a couple more spots picking up baby jewfish and hooked into about a 25-30 pounder fishing a deep mangrove shoreline with the trolling motor and before i knew it he was pulling me closer to the mangroves so i put the trolling motor on full blast but it was to late. so now im in the mangroves with the trolling motor on full blast and a jewfish next to the boat. so i ended up losing the fish and braking some branches. it goes down like that some time i guess. i've noticed on my quest for inshore gags i sure am catching a lot of jewfish.they really need to open some kind of season on them. so i head to the spot where we picked up those black drum couple of weeks ago and got some more first one was about 15 pounds. after i released that one there were about 20 of them underneath my boat all headed in the same direction so i cast out in front of them and get the smallest one at about 10 lbs. i would have brought this one home for dinner but with 2 trout and 2 flounder already in the box he was released to fight another day. all fish were caught on bucktails tipped with shrimp.
this trout was 23"


this was a snook i caught last saturday down in goodland. got another smaller snook,lower slot red,stuck by a catfish,and the horseflys lit my *** up


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