Daiwa procyon

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Short review and a rant. I just picked up a daiwa procyon 3000sh. I toiled for a while about a new inshore spinner. Looked @ almost everything in the 3000 size range. Spheros, raw II, stradic, ci4, I wanted to get out the door under 150 so that knocked out the cabo and the stradic ci4. Was really hard to find any good reviews on the reels seeming how it was so new. I talked to a rep and a daiwa sponsored inshore guide. Both had good things to say about the reel and after a ton of contemplating I bit the bullet and got one. First time out on the water with it and the reel is smooth as silk. Great weight to her holds plenty of braid, which leads into my short rant. A spool of suffix 832 came with it and it... Wait for it..... SUCKS. I have never had such crappy braid. It was stiff knotted like crazy I hate it. So off it comes and adding fins braid. Back to the reel so far can't say anything bad smooth retrieve and is a dream. I have it on a 7' custom wrapped medium fast tip mudhole mhx blank.

From my phone which is hopefully with me on the water
time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time


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