Problem updating nav data to unit

Ok so I exported my nav data from the unit to the SD card, uploaded to humminbird PC and made some changes. Added some waypoints, deleted some and edited others... downloaded to SD (hit replace) and put the card back in the unit. If I remember right I used to see some sort of popup on power up, saying something about the nav data change.... it did not pop up this time. Viewed the nav data and the old original nav data is still there as if I changed nothing. I Downloaded the card nav data to Humminbrid PC again to see what was on it and it is the updated data, so eliminates that as the problem. So has something changed with the recent update that requires something different to upload nav data or am I missing something?
"FISHUNTR"- 2012 20' Pathfinder, Yamaha F150, HDS gen 3 9T
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