1995 Action Craft 1890 - looking to buy it, any recommendations on things to check?

ShawnQShawnQ Posts: 2 Greenhorn
I understand Action Craft is no longer in business. I'm not expecting factory support on a 16-17yr old boat, so I'm not really concerned about the parent company going under.

With that said, this is a 16-17yr old boat. It visually has held up exceptionally well, which is either a testament to the builder, or the owner, or both.

A few questions:

1) In 1995, were the 1890 Flats Masters composite, or do they have wood in them? I'm pretty sure they are all composite but I can't find anything that says for sure.

2) Have the newer Flats masters changed much compared to the mid-90's models? Other than electronics and minor options, any major differences in the hull/construction?

3) What kind of performance can I expect out of a 1890 with a 150HP 2-stroke on it?

4) What kind of water do I need to jump on plane, realistically, with a light-loaded boat?

5) Any major areas of concern on these boats? I know the Hewes I looked at from the same era had a leaking fuel tank which is a real pain to repair due to having to remove the liner/cap. Do Action Craft boats have similar issues? Any other common problem areas?

Thanks in advance.



  • EricLEricL Posts: 322 Deckhand
    its a great depending on the previous owner
  • PBRPBR Posts: 136 Officer
    I have an 1985 That had very few issues Great boat As I have said before It really dose not mater if a boat builder is in bussines or not they buy most of there riging stuff anyways. Also most of them only carry parts for there newer models. If you can get a good deal and it checks out they are a great boat I will say this it dose have a little to do with the owner also. My 85 looks better then some mid 90s. I am the 2nd owener The 1st owner took good care of it ,untill of his passing then the boat sat for 3.5 yrs till the wife decided to finaly sell it . Plan on keeping it for a long time
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