Vic Dunaway passed away

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Vic Dunaway, an institution in the outdoors journalism world, passed away May 17, still active and sharp witted to the end. He was 81.
Vic Dunaway, an institution in the outdoors journalism world, passed away May 17, still active and sharp witted to the end. He was 81.

Dunaway died peacefully of heart failure at an Ocala hospice facility.

A founding editor of Florida Sportsman in 1969, he also wrote and edited numerous books and had been a highly respected writer and television contributor nationally.

“Vic was the ultimate combination of talents and skills and demonstrated a unique ability to both know how to get the most out of the outdoors and then convey that material to his readers with wit and clarity,” said FS Founder Karl Wickstrom at the magazine’s headquarters in Stuart.

Dunaway’s popular Waterfront View column was a mainstay in Florida Sportsman through last year and he wrote dozens of articles after transitioning his life to Inglis and the Dunnellon area in the ‘90s, returning to the waters and woods of the Central Florida he loved.

“It’s inconceivable that he is gone,” Wickstrom said, “though Vic understood the ways of life and endings and he was at peace. He lives on in the foundations he laid, including the expanded digital enhancements of the Florida Sporstman network.”

“Vic’s guiding spirit is with us all the time,” added FS Publisher Blair Wickstrom.

Victor Alan Dunaway was born Oct. 10, 1929, in Fort Myers, Florida, where he may have been tying fishing knots in the delivery room. He was a journalism graduate of Florida State University and worked for several newspapers before becoming the widely read outdoors editor of The Miami Herald through the ‘60s, prior to the launch of Florida Sportsman.

He is survived by his daughter Mari, two sons, David and Dan, and granddaughter Victoria, whom Mari named after Vic and much loved by him.

Vic asked that his ashes be spread off Cape Sable in the Everglades and that there be no formal service other than a gathering of family which is planned. FS


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    I am saddened to hear this. RIP Vic.

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    I was gonna post a few months ago when I noticed his stories werent in the front of the mag anymore.
    I learned so much from his baits, rigs, and tackle book when I first started fishing saltwater 20 something years ago.
    RIP Vic. You were a legend in my eyes.
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    I learned so much from his baits, rigs, and tackle book when I first started fishing saltwater 20 something years ago.

    I learned so much from his book I bought extra so I can have one in my boat and one at home.
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    thank you for all that you taught us
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    RIP Vic
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    Thank you Mr Vic, for everything. RIP
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    What a great guy. I have loved reading his column since the early 70's. I had the honor of meeting him a few years ago at the Ft Myers FS Show. Truly a loss for us sportsmen and FS readers. I have his first edition Baits, Rigs & Tackle.
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    RIP Vic!

    :angel :angel

    Baits, Rigs and Tackle has been my go-to book for years.
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    My thoughts and prayers to his friends and family. I always enjoyed reading his stuff.
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    RIP Vic :angel
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    Vic was a great fisherman and writer.

    I had the honor of fishing and working with him for many years.

    RIP Sr. Editor
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    he was a good dude
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    I have loved his columns for years. RIP Vic.
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    acarb wrote: »
    Thank you Mr Vic, for everything. RIP

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    Sorry to hear that.
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    I learned to tie many a knot from his book.

    RIP Vic.
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    I will hoist a can of Vienna Sausages in his honor.

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    Condolences to Mr. Dunaway's family and Florida Sportsman staff.
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    I was just reading to my daughter from one of his books not too long ago. He will be missed. :fishing
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    RIP Vic, we'll miss you and your wit.
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    My son wants to learn about fishing; I keep telling him to read Baits, Rigs & Tackle.

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    My sympathies to Mr. Dunaway's family and friends, and to the FS staff. I enjoyed reading what he wrote. :angel
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    Sorry to hear this... I have his books right next to my bed.. I actually was reading his "Baits Rigs and Tackle" book just on wednesday...
    RIP Vic, your books taught me a ton about fishing in the Florida waters.
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    Very sad news and a great loss. RIP Vic, you will be missed. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends.
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    Even alot of us Jawja boys knew who Vic was from an early age. He wrote some great stuff....RIP.
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