Miami Exotics

I asked noted Photographer Doug Stamm to join me on a day trip over to Miami for some Peacock Bass fishing. We left the West coast at 0600 and began the drive. It was tempting to stop at all the canals along the way, but we were on a mission. We arrived after a few short stops at around 0830 and met up with Mike Teixidor. Mike is a good friend and fellow Blue Line Fishing Team member, and he knows Miami Peacock bass. We launched at Antonio Maceo Park and we were greeted by rolling tarpon. They wanted nothing to do with us, so we moved on. We fished the Blue Lagoon area and it wasn't too long before the fish bite was on. I landed the 1st Peacock Bass and he posed for a picture.
Mike, who had the best day of us three, followed with a few mayan cichlids on fly.
He followed those up with a peacock bass.
We hunted around the area and saw lots of fish. It seemed like the were bedding and were aggressive in some areas, and slow in others. We tried for some tarpon action again, they were there and rolling, just not biting. Doug started using his fly rod and began to get results too.
We didn't catch the world on fire, but we did our share and caught a few. We wrapped it up around 3pm and I was back in Bonita Springs before 6! Not a bad day to spend with friends.


  • LeeHLeeH Posts: 121 Officer
    Good to hear the Peacocks are making a strong comeback down there, almost time to make the trip!
  • Captain Shane ProcellCaptain Shane Procell Posts: 371 Officer
    It is always good to go out with old friends. That place is eat up with P's.
  • Egreen cobraEgreen cobra Posts: 227 Deckhand
    It is always good to go out with old friends. That place is eat up with P's.

    The first one is a beaut.

    How does one find their way to this place?
    Peacocks are on the old bucket list. I have a bass boat, jon boat, and kayaks, could anyone point me in the direction of a ramp/body of water where I have a shot at one or two? (From Ft. Myers) Thanks
  • Captain Shane ProcellCaptain Shane Procell Posts: 371 Officer
    Antonio Maceo Park at 5135 Northwest 7th Street Miami, FL 33126. It is the Blue Lagoon/Miami Lakes area. Lots of canals and tons of fish. Good luck.
  • Egreen cobraEgreen cobra Posts: 227 Deckhand
  • Reel-DealReel-Deal Posts: 86 Deckhand
    What a great day! That's awesome how you can drive over, catch some beautiful exotics, and be home in time for dinner...Great job!

    The peacocks have made a very strong comeback in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties...I'd highly advise making a trip to anyone who hasn't fished for them...We've averaging 10-20 fish a trip and that's using both live bait and artificial...
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