What's for lunch???

ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
YFT salad... mama is happy!


  • Lunch Money SurfLunch Money Surf Posts: 1,029 Officer
    Very nice you bastage... my lunch is pimento cheese today
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    Tyvm... we are down to 3 steaks.... and 2 mutton fillets. Time to re-up. BTW inverse take for granted the pimento cheese. Next time you get a BBQ samich put a pile on top. You will thank me later....
  • ChumSlickChumSlick Posts: 252 Officer
    So had the salad.. mama was wanting the last three steaks for dinner. Rubbed down with sesame oil I lightly salted, peppered, sprinkled with sesame seeds. And grilled to perfection. My son kindely wrapped his up and only ate the fried rice and stir fried vedgies..... so I'm a little fired up.
  • ruskinredneckruskinredneck Posts: 1,121 Officer
    Leftover baked ziti.
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