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Need light tackle spinning reel recommendations

Rdfish1Rdfish1 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I've not paid attention to the latest products on the market, in fact, it's been years. I originally purchased a decent amt of good quality tackly, largely loomis rods and stradic reels. That was 10-15 years ago. As they say, buy good equipment and it will serve you well. At this point, some of my equipment is showing signs of wear with an occassion guide that breaks or a bearing that needs to be replaced. While I can fix this stuff, it has given rise to the thought of picking up some new tackle but I don't knwo what to look at.

If you'll consider the Stradic FG series, about 10 yrs old as the standard for what I am looking for, can you recommend other brands to consider? I'll obviously look at the new stradics and am told they are engineered even better than my FG series but what else would you recommend as being comparable in the price range of less than $150, preferrably in the $100 range? Any rod recommendations? THe loomis selection at BPS was very poor.


  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    If you like your old Stradics, go with a new one and feel comfortable. Look at the St. Croix Avids.
  • choupiquechoupique Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    US Reel (Google), been using 'em the past few years with zero problem. Retired, fish maybe 200 days per year...just rinse 'em off, shake 'em good and dry with cotton towel after each use in saltwater... Spray line and reel with 3M Silicone dry lube and 3 years later they look like they did when the came out of the box... No sponsorship, just happy customer..
  • In Too DeepIn Too Deep Posts: 124 Deckhand
    For around $100 the Penn Battle is a very nice reel.
  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    Shimano Spheros reels are $120-140ish depending on size and I've had a lot of good luck with them. They tend to stand up to a lot of abuse in saltwater and keep coming back for more. Matching em to shimano teremar rods will probably run you about $230ish per combo.

    If you want to splurge look at the Stradic CI4's. I've got 2 on cumara rods and they're super light and so much fun! Definitely a bit pricey though.

    Good luck,
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,979 Moderator
    I doubt you will find a reel of the quality you are looking for in the $100 range. Step up a couple price points to the $140-$150 range and you 'll be a lot better off. The Spheros is one exception at $110 and is a good buy. I was pulling 10-12# red snapper out of 155' with one of these reels (4000 size with 20# TufLine) last weekend when the snapper would come up and pick off a piece of bait meant for a mangrove on the surface, and take me back to the bottom, then be pumped back up with no second run. A Stradic is now up to $180.

    Personally, I prefer Daiwa, who held their prices but improved the reels when Shimano bumped their prices up about $20 per reel a couple years ago. I'd look at the Team Daiwa Advantage at $150 in the 3000 size (holds the same amount of line as a 4000 Shimano) or even a Daiwa Coastal at $130.

    The Penn Battle seems like a good reel but I've only handled them on on land and not with a fish on the end of the line. From reports and reviews, Penn seems to have stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with this reel. As a plus, it's back in your $100 range.

    For a rod to use a new reel on, if you are going away from G Loomis, look at St Croix Avid's or Tidemasters. Another good rod company the Falcon. I also like the Gary Loomis TFO's and at $100, are very good rods with a variety of actions to choose from. I own several TFO fly rods which all cast like a dream. I'm sure someone on this thread will eventually mention Crowder, Star and Shimano. All are good with decent warranties, just pick out your reel, then find a rod with the length and action you like that balances with the reel. Most of the major manufacturers have different models at different price points.
  • BocaBocaBocaBoca Posts: 607 Officer
    Nice info all.
  • BColleyBColley Posts: 419 Deckhand
    Stick with the Stradics

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  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,419 Admiral
    I like the Saros , Stradics and Spheros..St.Croix Tidemaster or St.Croix Avid Inshore.7'6" medium fast or medium light fast.
  • golflaxfishgolflaxfish Posts: 455 Deckhand
    the wright & mcgill sabalos reel is a pretty good reel for under $100. i havent had mine for long, but so far its been great.
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  • GregHGregH Posts: 249 Deckhand
    johnD wrote: »
    I like the Saros , Stradics and Spheros

  • Tarpon NoleTarpon Nole Posts: 1,857 Officer
    if you hold out for a little longer, shimano is coming out with the new stradic fj.
    they will be dumping the fi's which were recently as low as $99.
  • Anonymous 1Anonymous 1 Posts: 51 Deckhand
    I'm with the guys who say to stay with the Stradics. Sounds like they have held up for you quite well. I have five of them and couldn't be happier. My favorite flats setup includes a Stradic 3000 on a light Karma rod. Can't beat it. Happy shopping.
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    Whichever Shimano fits in your price bracket.
  • MoondawgMoondawg Posts: 214 Officer
    The last reel I bought was a daiwa Team Advantage 3000. My original mind set was to buy a stradic, but I was persuaded by the staff at Fishermans world in Holiday to try the Team Advantage. I have never looked back, in my opinion the Daiwa is a more solid reel as I used to have a stradic, although I have never tried the newer models. Put it this way, the team advantage was less expensive than the stradic and the staff promised me it would be a better buy. There is a post in this forum somewhere where you can pick them up for $99.00. Rods? I'm pretty picky about, it's all in your preference. At the lower end I like the St.Croix triumph for a nice softer feel, I like redbone for a harder action. Look around but I would definitely back up the Diawa team advantage 100%
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  • Jerm1Jerm1 Miami, FlPosts: 26 Greenhorn
    Cant go wrong with the stradics. I would wait until the end of the month until they release the new stradic FJ.
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,946 Admiral
    I fish with a Stradic 2500 MgFB on a 7` Avid inshore St Croix---one of the lightest and most comfortable set-ups I have in my arsenal :cool:
  • jakejake Posts: 326 Deckhand
    reels have been covered- I saw the Gary Loomis TFO series mentioned and wanted to back it up. I bought one and love it! light, casts a mile. It's a G loomis without the price tag
  • Snook ManSnook Man Posts: 207 Officer
    Cant go wrong with the stradics. I would wait until the end of the month until they release the new stradic FJ.
    :Agree The Stradic FI is great but I bet the FJ is going to be a great reel.
  • Snook ManSnook Man Posts: 207 Officer
    Does anyone know if they are coming out with a new Sustain?
  • flhookerflhooker Posts: 300 Officer
    Stradics work for me for your price range. Check Ebay for best prices...
  • bluewater34bluewater34 Posts: 98 Deckhand
    Daiwa Advantage agreed.....best inshore reel I have used in a medium price point.....by far. Daiwa has some really cool looking new stuff coming out next week at the Intl Tackle Show in Vegas.....new Certates, Ballistics.......look really really nice......cant wait for the new stuff.....
  • MonomanMonoman Posts: 977 Officer
    I picked up a Shimano Symetre FJ 000 about a year and a half ago for light inshore stuff (Pompano, ladyfish, etc). I think it was 99 bucks and it has done me well. Even better than expected at times when it is too small. If you have the budget though I'm sure the new Stradics are lighter and are made better.
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  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,385 Captain
    Snook Man wrote: »
    Does anyone know if they are coming out with a new Sustain?

    Yes they are.
  • Snook ManSnook Man Posts: 207 Officer
    Thanks do you know what it's going to be called or have any info on it.
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,385 Captain
    Snook Man wrote: »
    Thanks do you know what it's going to be called or have any info on it.

    No, but lets hope it looks better than the new stradic.
  • Snook ManSnook Man Posts: 207 Officer
    I hope so because i love the way the Sustain FE looks and I did not really like the new look for the Stradic but I did hear some great reviews on it.
  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,419 Admiral
    I guess we'll know more the end of next week..I did notice that some online retailers have pulled the Sustain 8000 off there sites.
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,385 Captain
    Snook Man wrote: »
    I did not really like the new look for the Stradic but I did hear some great reviews on it.

    There's no way I'd take any kind of review seriously at this point. They give some guy a couple free reels and he fishes them for a couple weeks, of course he's going to give it a good review. I want a review from a guy who paid full retail, and punished the hell out of it for 30hrs a week for three straight months.
  • GermGerm Posts: 1,704 Captain
    Im sold on the battles, but thats been mentioned in other threads.I have a Symetre 3000 FJ that I have been happy with along with a few solstaces and a sedona as well. the FI Stradics are getting cheap but thats only at big chain stores, most tackle shops are going to hold out as long as they can selling them at MSRP along side the new ones from what ive seen. The Saros is a nice reel too, never used one though but felt great. I wouldnt get a spheros, they just dont feel as nice as the other reels.
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