Biscayne Bay Permit

I'm a little late posting this... it was a couple of months ago... It was a pretty windy day but I decided to head out and hit a few of my favorite flats. I was actually fishing the south end of Biscayne Bay for bonefish near the Arsnickers. As it was so windy, I decided to stake out and cheat a little... I threw out a chum tube loaded with some crushed up shrimp from the livewell and waited for the shadows to appear. I had a couple of legitimate shots at some bones but managed to spook the first set and quickly lose a fish on the second set. Then I saw a huge bonefish (so I thought) and made the perfect cast... fish on!!! Something was not quite what it seemed, this fish was huge... I felt that tell tale thump of the tail and it just ran too far, it wasn't a bone. I managed to gain some line and then could see that it was a permit... a good one. I finally landed it and got this nice pic. Did I mention that I caught him on a live shrimp? He must have been hungry.


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