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Planning a trip - need advice/suggestions

2fastlx2fastlx Posts: 407 Deckhand
I am currently throwing around ideas for a 6-7 day trip in Late july. We are leaving from the upper keys and all I know is we definitely need to get down to the staniel area (the better halves want to see the swimming pigs). I was thinking of doing a couple nights at chub first, doing the blue hole and eating at flo's between fishing and diving. We would head down to staniel for a few days before heading back towards home. Does anyone have a line on something to rent down that way for 2-3 nights? I found some rentals online but most dont have a dock or are too small for our crew (8). I guess it doesnt necessarily have to be on staniel but I know there isnt much else close by. For those that have spent time down there - what else is there to see? I have been there twice, and we fished and dove the entire time and really paid no attention to sight seeing and exploring. Besides the piggies and the thunderball grotto - is there any other must-do's? Anything cool we should try to do on the way there or back? Obviously we will be making a stop for sushi at one or both of the autec buoys:fishing Remember, this trip is going to be co-ed so we cant fish 100% of the time (maybe only 90%):crossed. Also, on the way home I was thinking about stopping over in nassau for the night. I usually avoid nassau for anything other than a fuel-up but it seems like its an option for making the trip home a little shorter on the final day. Anywhere safe to tie up and grab a room or two for the night? Doesnt have to be atlantis quality at all, but obviously a nice ratio of quality and affordability is nice. Thanks for any suggestions. This will be the first trip I am planning where I am concerned with things other than what is biting:cool:


  • Fish_baitFish_bait Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Honeymooned staniel in '08, loved the place. Headed back by boat in June with a crew of 6. This time we are renting the old "Happy People Marina"For a week!:Rockon
    Its just up the road from Staniel, and has a dock. Check out http://3ns-stanielcay.com/index.htm, they have a few houses that VRBO doesn't.
    Check out Bitter Guana Cay to the south, it loaded with iguanas.
    Compass cay to the north has Rachel's bubble bath and you can swim with the nurse sharks.

    Any chance you could share the #'s to the Autec buoys?
    All the posts I have found have been old.
    I know they move them from time to time.
    I usually troll cedar plugs with limitted success.
    Any tip would be appreciated.
  • 2fastlx2fastlx Posts: 407 Deckhand
    Thanks for the reply. I was able to secure a few rooms at the yacht club. Your numbers for the buoys should be fine, I have been using the same ones for about 5 years and they still lead me right to them. Try chunking and deep jigging on the buoys. I have had far more success doing that over trolling.
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