HSB offshore 4-28-12

Got out early. Caught bait at the last channel marker and headed offshore at 30 mph by sunrise. Great day on the water! We hooked up with a few AJ's on live bait then switched to a 9" topwater plug. As i got the AJ close to the boat 2 goliaths and 2 small sharks came after it. I'm sure this AJ would have been toast if i didnt have 65 lb braid and an 80 lb leader. Luckily i got the fish close enough to the boat that they lost interest. Water temp was 75 in 55'!

Headed back in to 45' to try an area that Chris suggested and ran into Chip on his way out. It was nice meeting you and your family Chip. Put out trolling plugs about a mile from where we planned to bottom fish and picked up a bonito (hot bait of the day) and 2 gags on 1 Stretch 30!

Went back to this spot, anchored up and it was game on! We threw back multiple keeper gags and loaded the cooler with 3 reds, huge sea bass and grunts. These gags will all be long gone to deeper water by the time us recreational guys are given a shot at them. Couldn't buy our last keeper red so we packed up and were off the water around 2pm.

Special thanks to Chris for pointing me to the grouper grounds! They are having a big bend bash of their own out there. Beautiful day on the water.


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