Palm River tarpon action 4/28

My old lady layed down for a nap this afternoon and I decided I would go down by the spillway for a little afternoon delight. I made the executive decision to drive all the way to the Davis Island boat ramp to get some bait. It is not far but still have to drive 15min past the spot and back. However, I can always get good hand sized mullet there and the spillway only ever has massive footlongs. *

*So after I run to Davis and pick up about 10 nice hog legs I get to the spillway about 3:30 ish. The sky is overcast and I see three huge poons roll under the railroad tracks. My first mullet is in the water for maybe 5 minutes when a 100lbr rolls right next to my bait. The mullet starts freakin out and disappears in a huge swirl. My reel starts singing and I get one epic jump, I didn't bow in time and she threw the hook which is ok because with the bouys and pilings right next to me, there was no way in hell I was going to land her.*

*Another 2.5 hrs I fishing yielded one more jump and two blow ups. Two of the mullet I exchanged for fresh ones got HAMMERED!! I have seen 30+lb snook hitting baits but I have never seen a fish hit a bait harder in my life. The last fish I hooked hit the bait about 10ft from the seawall so hard I got splashed a bit. It scared the living hell out of me. *I did land one small snook on a mojarra I had in the bucket. I believe I might me catching a tarpon bug, I need to land a monster. Just thought I would share with y'all, those poons are up in the port area big time, my friend Gary saw many large fish and jumped one about 70lbs. Get out there guys the fish are out there and hungry!!!
Catch 'em and Release 'em!


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    Sweet! "Run that dog!" lol
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    Nice report!

    Tarpon absolutely destroy mullet. The challenge, typically, is getting the hook to stick.
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