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island hop 2012

dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
left palm beach yesterday headed for chub via great isaac to mackie bank to north west channel. loaded down with all i could carry. seas were a little choppy and i was in no hurry we just pushed along at 17 knots. had a pack of dolphin frolicking in the wake for about 10 mins also saw a few pilot wales. other than that the crossing was uneventful.
chub was hoping with some folks from ocean reef and some others. saw at least 15 flags flying and 1 boat had a 100 lb+ yellow fiin.

food was great as always staff was as help full as always

left chub hoping to make hawks nest on the south end of cat island but the wind rain and seas changed my plans and i layed up in highborn cay. what a great place if you make it here you have got to check out the cleaning station. i will re post some video i shot last year. and yes the big black grouper is still here only bigger.

the marina now has a restaurant to go along with the best stocked store i have seen in the islands fresh veggies and all.


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