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  • 2fastlx2fastlx Posts: 407 Deckhand
    Compleat wrote: »


    Sweet! You guys are finishing strong!

    Hopefully going to pop over in a couple weeks for the weekend. Might have to drag around out front a little bit:fishing
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Thats one of our guests pics of the first big one... We slid out for just a couple hours today. It was really unpleasant chop in front and though not as short and steep even out deep it was not a nice ride. The boss and his guests have had a great run this week and weren't wanting an all day beating... I was having issues with the engine computer readout on starboard side and getting false alarm codes... So it was all around decision to pull the plug... We never drew a bite...
    They got the chance to just unwind and do land things. I got the chance to play with wires in the engine room and start breaking camp...

    Owner and guests will be leaving in morn. Deckhand and I will fish either for bones or if the inlet is nicer try our hand at offshore or perhaps even a shot at giants.

    I got word that a giant was taken out front on the troll ... think weight in the 5's... weighed I believe at bluewater... Reports of a real good one at Cat as well...
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Great read as always Paul!!! The giants are there...good luck...they'll make ya crazy!!!
  • TNTTNT Posts: 33 Deckhand
    Hey Paul. Good seeing you last night. Just came back in, 1:30 Sunday. Had a nice blue eat a blue/white ilander with a ballyhoo right out front 5 minutes after lines in, but it came undone on the first run. Still a great sight. Nothing but cudas rest of day.

  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Tedd good seing you last night as well. Heck, good seeing so many friends from here and years gone by. Like old home week...
    We never got a chance to wet a line today. Did move back to Sea Crest... Noticed my bow line was missing from there and lot of flies buzzing around in the slip next to me... Well I found my rope... Somebody used it to tie off a giant rack... I guess it was the 688 from yesterday...I was taken back to see it more or less hacked up with probably 40-50 pounds of choice cuts not cut off anf basically just left to rot... Really sad that only some was used and the rest trashed...
    Lot of loose ends, breaking camp, loads of un expected paperwork from the boss to get though so again never wet a line. Deckhand though just went off on foot in hopes of more cubera or mutton that he did well on before the boss arrived...
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    No snappers last night for mate... We trolled all the way home to Palm Beach after a late start with two cudas to show for it in a tight beam sea. Long and slow ride but the engines liked the easy ride along with the fuel tank... I like crossing back that way. Easy to unwind and relax. Crossing by weekday and getting in late also minimizes customs clearing time...
    Excess bait already put away in the home freezers and the one we had there has a new home with one of our friends... Smokin hot missus happy to have me back... :)
  • Night MovesNight Moves Posts: 32 Deckhand
    Paul, Does the play by play details end here? :cool:

    Thanks for all the work put into the thread. You made it possible for a lot of folks to take a Bahamas fishing vacation without leaving home!
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  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    I dunno... Boss mentioned that he might have a friend that wants to go back over...

    Till then I guess I might start a "jerseython" as we chase mako, tuna, tilefish and marlin later in the summer... :)
  • 2amigo2amigo Posts: 6,277 Admiral
  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 941 Officer
    Great thread and read, thanks for taking the time and effort.
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    I felt like i was there the whole time...thanks for again for your time, i love the islands whether it be Bimini or Barbados!!!
  • prjfsuprjfsu Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Bimini Crossing- Im looking to cross somewhere between the 9th & 11th of July....>Anyone else eyeing those dates?
  • Blue ZoneBlue Zone Posts: 414 Officer
    Thanks again for the time and effort you put into this. Congrats on the 17k views on the thread! I am still in awe that some wannabe jackleg had to come on here and trash & bash you.
    You might put the bug in your boss's ear that there's a giant hanging around Bimini with his name on it...
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,218 AG
    Yeah, thanks for all your effort with this adventure! We all appreciate it!
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    130's already ready for next year... Might take a shot at them while up north between the makos and canyon runs I'm hoping to squeeze in this summer. Next year may be a real long trip. Boss was doing some negotiating over there for long term. By basing in Bimini instead of Palm Beach its a quicker easier run to say Chub or beyond than what we have been doing (running heavy to chub and resetting camp in Bimini) On board freezer for example we could do a week with no trouble and don't need to tote all the other junk for quickies...
  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    Definitely enjoyed the read Paul. Thanks. Your thread and Gmon's just might be inspiring me to start my own "thon". Getting ready to spend a month on the other side with the family...
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,618 Admiral
    thanks paul for the effort
  • IndianoutlawIndianoutlaw Posts: 550 Officer
    Loved the whole Thread and checked it at least twice a week! Thanks for the entertainment!
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Still havn't heard from the boss about going back... Busted out my retired marlin hooks and a few pounds of stainless wire and been twisting away for mako action up north... Different than marlin fishing in the tropics but still a whole lot of fun... Don't know what it is about sitting in cool/cold often foggy weather slinging chum into not very pretty water that gets me going but it does... That rod tip twitch followed by the clicker singing gets the blood pumping. You throw it in gear and wait... If it just sits there and tugs its just a blue fish or blue shark. If it starts with a slow run then hits the afterburners it could be a big sloppy thresher. If the line angle races for the top, its fasten your seat belts for the highest jumps of any fish i know. Back flips, front flips, greyhounding all tower high. Then you get em on the leader and that black eye looks right through your soul and reads everything there is to know about you. It knows when you're gonna make your move with that gaff and it may bolt or just plain get right in your face with the pearly whites snappin... One way or another i won't be sitting long... :)
  • Blue ZoneBlue Zone Posts: 414 Officer
    Compleat wrote: »
    Then you get em on the leader and that black eye looks right through your soul and reads everything there is to know about you.

    That's some eloquent sh+t right there. Paul, didn't realize you were such a wordsmith. Good on ya!
  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
    Sure have enjoyed the writeup. It was nice meeting you on the dock at Sea Crest. I hope to make it back in August.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Blue... Eloqution is brought to the surface by the awe inspiring malevolent calculated and soulless actions of the cobalt missiles of the north Atlantic... To call mako a shark is almost a sin. They are cold and calculating true predators as opposed to their scavenger cousins... :)
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    No further word from the owner so I'm guessing that this chapter has come to a close... Makothon is already brewing tho... Deckhand popped a good one along with a nice bluefin today so its starting to happen... i gotta go scrounge up some bonitos in the morn to bring up with me... Thanks for reading and next year looks like it may be a long one... :)
  • Flyers UpFlyers Up Posts: 655 Officer
    Great work on the thread Paul, Kept me going during my emergency bypass surgery and my 11 day stay at the hospital. I am recovering and chomping at the bit to get back to fishing.. Thanks Again..
  • reelgrimmreelgrimm MiamiPosts: 459 Deckhand
    great read paul!
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  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    Forgot to get this up... I have another of the hot liittle fish we caught at the end of the trip but need to find it. This might be a repost but not sure if other link was working properly...
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