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183 or 184 Ghost Handling?

Capt. DaveCapt. Dave Posts: 47 Greenhorn
Looking for someone who has ran either of these boats. I currently have a 168 Phantom that Im looking to sell and move up to either of these. I know neither of these are made for the rough stuff but what is the handling like? I love my Phantom but need something to do a little more traveling!
Capt. David Schuman

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  • phantom1phantom1 Posts: 41 Deckhand
    I have a phantom as well and love the boat, it does what it is designed to do... stalk the flats!! I wish I could comment on the other boats you are looking at but have been on neither one. And being the ranger forum has been dead for a long time, I don't think you will get any answers here!! Sorry! Seems ranger just doesn't cater well to there saltwater line...as just about any other skiff out there has some kind of forum where chat, questions, issues, and dicussions can be had! They are huge in the freshwater scene and it seems thats where there heart is! Which is unfortunate for us diehard saltwater guys who run rangers!
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