ARS and GAG Exemption Permits



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    Hello Triple,
    What you question is quite correct. The "sample" was chosen by EDF and the sponsor CFA. It was not random. The outcome is predetermined. If this thing goes through the co-op will control the head boat industry in the Gulf. It will be done outside any of the protections that are supposed to be in the council process. In the second year of this program all head boat operators will either have to join in sector separation and catch shares or go out of business.
    Go back to Bob's original post and take the time to read the application. You will see how brilliantly this thing is designed. Chester
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    Tom Hilton wrote: »
    Post #42 on this thread; "For example, I could state that you are a whack nut conspiracy theorist who has had way too much koolaid, but I can't and won't simply because I don't know if you drink koolaid ."

    Tripple was in effect stating it whether you admit or not.

    I guess you missed the words "could", "can't" and "won't".

    Take care....Mike
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    On this thread you and Tom should put your differences aside. This issue is one on which we must all stand together. The Redcoats are coming and this application is EDF's entry into catch shares in our sector. Currently our sector includes all recreational fisher persons whether they fish on a charter boat, head boat, their own boat or from shore. There are dark forces that wish to change this. Lets not help them. Please excuse me for preaching. Chester
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    Thanks Chester, you are right. I will try and do better.
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