I overcame the ledge

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Decided this weekend to try one more time then was gonna chunk turkey season.

Yesterday afternoon while riding to where I wanted to scout I saw gobblers in the clearcut, stopped ans parked the truck and decided to pursue. Followed them for bout 1 1/2 hours till I lost them in the pines, never could get within 60 yards and they were non responsive to hen noise.

Went after that and found a area with a ton of strut marks then went to another area to roost a bird....notta on the roosting. Decided on a whim this morning to go to where the strut marks were thinking it will be a long morning figuring they ain't getting out there till late.

Get in a permanent wood blind we have after setting out a jake and hen deke 30 yards in front. Daylight comes and a bird fires off not to far from me. He gobbles another 7-8 times and hits the ground. I yelp once and he gobbles. 5 minutes go by and he gobbles again getting closer. I wait a few minutes and yelp again. Another 5 or so minutes go by and he gobbles and I know he is close. I hard cluck a few times and before I could put the call down he rounds the corner with the jake in front. Same birds from the previous afternoon, had no idea they roosted that close to where I was.

They see the dekes and the bigger bird goes into full strut, after a few minutes they get to the dekes but he is still strutting and drumming with the jake still blocking any shot. They go past the dekes with the jake still in front until they get within 20 yards and the jake goes 3-4' left and since I was worried about getting busted I let a 3" with #5's fly face on. He flops and kicks 3 times.

Bird was 22-23 pounds on our deer scale, 10" beard with so-so spurs....1" and 7/8". Had him down before the sun got above the trees. Guy at the lease took the one and only pic so hope to get that up soon.

This was in SW Georgia....Bird came from Early County but was shot in Miller County....line goes thru our lease. All in all it was one of my most easiest hunts. Cleaned the bird and only found 1 pellet in the breast:thumbsup, rest were neck and head.
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