So you want a lease?



  • monkeybusinessjrmonkeybusinessjr Posts: 380 Deckhand
    I will say the one thing I hate the most about being part of a lease is listening to other lease members *****. Let's face it, its basically a knitting circle for grown red necks but that's unavoidable I suppose. I think most of the *****ing could be kept to a minimum by getting EVERYTHING in writing along with a budget that covers EVERYTHING up front and having guys pay and sign. If it's not on the list or in the budget don't ***** about it. If a lease manager doesn't do it that way it's because he doesn't really plan on following it himself but wants everyone else to. Oh and wants the money too. He's basically trying to game the club to his advantage.

    As far as the cloak and dagger show me the money up front thing that was the way to do it in 2005, but 2012 is a different world. If you've got $8,000 to spend you can go anywhere in S Florida. The $7,000 and up memberships open up on every property every year.
  • monkeybusinessjrmonkeybusinessjr Posts: 380 Deckhand
    Guess you can't say the B word around here.
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