Triple N special op hunt 4/14-4/20

mrturkeymrturkey Posts: 1 Greenhorn
Does anyone have a spring turkey permit for triple N this coming weekend and cant use it? The hunt dates are 4/14-4/20. If you are not able to go I will be happy to pay you for your permit and a little extra!!! Let me know asap Thanks


  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,303 Captain
    "a little extra" - you do know you have probably already committed a violation don't you? At some point FWC will either start enforcing the printed regulations forbidding buying or sale of permits (even at "face value") or have them eliminated from the brochures. The buying/selling of the Special Op Hunts is starting to be as big a joke as the old gaming of the regular quota permits. Great first post.
  • tarpontamer2007tarpontamer2007 Posts: 141 Deckhand
    there was a post on here with someone selling one last wk if its still availible
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