skyway bite has been on fire!

its been a long time since me and my bro has had a full day o:USAf fishing. we came out early in the morning so we good get the good spots, we arrived at 5:30 and we where still to late some had already set up there rods but. they got two kings back to back, the biggest one was 25lb caught one on a jack and the other on a huge greenback. the really slowed down but the Macs keeper us busy and a huge school o Bonita. I also caught a couple of keywest grunts and one keeper sea bass. it was an hour before the sunset and we still did not get a king to bite, out of the quiet silence we heard are king Rod screamed off he took about 200 yards in one minute I fought him for a good 10 min I got him up to the bridge thinking he was tiered but he wasn't I took one more run and straighten out my treval hook. I was devested. we lost two more after that.1024.jpg?md=1333210235000
A 22in Mac and 15in grunt1024.jpg?md=1333210219000


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