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Great day in the woods!!!

WoodsRatWoodsRat Posts: 117 Officer
So this past thursday morning I went to my hunting lease and there were some guys in from out of town they wanted to hunt the river side of our club.(LOADED WITH TURKEYS) so me being a nice guy I hunted the side of the club thats a little tougher, remembered seeing some gobbler tracks on a road so went and set up before daylight and heard 2 gobble from the roost. About an hour after daylight one was talking back to me but sounded a long ways out. I slipped around the corner and looked in the direction I heard him from and there he stood about 500 yrds away strutting with a couple hens. I made my way through the woods about 200 yrds and set up about 15 yrds from the road because it was super thick there. Yelped a little and sat there clucking sparingly for the next 30 minutes, heard nothing. I slowly stood up to see if I could see any further and they were about 100 yrds away! Luckily they werent facing me. I sat there shaking for the next 15 min.s listening to him drum till he positioned himself in front of the bead on my 12 gauge at 15 yrds! Wow! I cant believe I didnt turkey hunt before this year! 11 inch beard,1 inch spurs geussing 17 lbs or so no scale. So after I cleaned him my buddy invited me to his club in south ga. That afternoon after our 1st 3 setups yielded nothing we slipped out to some powerlines and kicked up a hen. Decided to try it anyways with it being late in the day. Called every now and then and after an hour saw 2 gobblers coming in silently. They saw the decoys and one wasnt interested but the other came in for a closer look and Rob killed his biggest gobbler yet at 65 yrds! 11.5" beard, both spurs 1.5 inches, 18 lbs I think I enjoyed calling for him as much as If Id have shot the bird myself. Which is a good thing because It looks like Ive limited out in Fl.!(first for me) Hope everybody else has as good a season as I have!
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