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TrooplynchTrooplynch Posts: 19 Greenhorn
Hello everyone. I don't post often but I am in need of a little advise. I am a little league baseball coach and I video tape my 3 kids playing baseball and softball. I usually use the Flip HD camcorder which records in 720p HD. I love the way the video comes out but I have been having 2 problems lately. 1. The battery dies very quickly and 2. the camera shuts off by itself. I would buy another flip but I know the company is going out of business.

After seeing some Gopro video's on Florida Sportsman I decided to buy and use it while coaching 1st base. I attached the go pro to my baseball hat cap and it worked great up close but a batter at home plate looked very far away. With the Flip the batter looked much closer.

I looked on the website CNET and I purchased the Kodak Play sport which they recommended. I used it yesterday for the first time and it stopped working in the 3rd inning. The camcorder was on but there was no video in the view finder and I could not turn it off. I returned it to Best Buy today.

I have decided to purchase a 1020p HD Camcorder to place on a tripod and leave by the dugout while filming. I would need a wide angle lens that would take in most of the field and would be shooting mostly during bright day light. I am trying to stay under $500.00 but am willing to go a little higher if I have to.

If anyone also films baseball or other sporting events and has any recommendations I would value your opinion.

Thank You.
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